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Commens from you guys

Love the work that you have put into this and you are really making the game thrive even more. People who have just started out can actually practice building and I think that is great.



Awesome im the best builder in my school now



I want to thank you for the work you have put into this. It really blows my mind how much I'm improving each day thanks to this and i just want to say I'm really grateful.



Hi, i just want to say thank you for making this building simulator it really helped me to improve at building at fortnite and you have saved alot of my time. Keep doing the good work v2 runs really smooth and i don't know what else to say. this game you developed is the dream of all fortnite players/



first I want to thank u on what u made, just build has brought my building skills to something I thought it would never be at.



I really think this is super awesome! Its really fun to run aurond and free build, i have been looking for something like this. I cant wait for all the new updates for it because it is alread great and can be getting better. Keep progressing with this and keep making it better, thank you for making a sutch amazing game!



yo honestly that program for building is amazing i've never played pc but after using this im not bad i love this thing and i use it everyday



Hi! I'm a Fortnite player as most of people on this site probably. I've found this site couple hours ago, and I love your tool! It's awesome that I can practice my building skills now and thank you for that!



I reallly love justbuild and because of you i am becoming a better builder in fortnite! Mahmoud


I think this is a really cool concept, especially for me because I suck at building quickly. Kieran


Thank you very much. Ended up just using the cable to connect. Really enjoy the product you have created. It is very well made.



Thanks so much for this tool. I'm a new Fortnite player and this helps a TON.



Man, first, amazing tool... such an awesome idea



Hey man, just wanted to say that this thing is awesome!!!!



I love the game you made. The fact that you can practice building for fortnite or other games is very helpful.



I really, really like this idea and the fact that you've even been able to put out a simulator like this in such a short period of time is amazing.



Awesome software dude, best practice ground for Fortnite.



Dude, this game is really really really great;  I've built more in ten minutes than I have in 10 games of Fortnite. Keep up the great work. 



I dont really have the money tosupport you but what you have done is truely incredible andi thank you so much.Taking the time to do this is very kind of you and my God bless you infinite times



Just wanted to say that you've created an awesome tool, I'll use it a bunch.



Just wanted to thank you for this program. Really amazing



Your building simulator is amazing. I played it a bit today and loved it



This is amazing bro thank you so much!



Dude super amazing job!!! I love what you are doing for the community, keep it up!


Thank you all!!


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