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Improved buildings mechanics even more - v1.7 Released

Hey Guys,

I have just released v.1.7 version which fix building delay and added some features.

I have improved buildings mechanics even more, Added key bind to "destroy nearby buildings" and button to destroy all the buildings. I added button to delete all the buildings so you won't need to exit the game every 20 minutes and Key for deleting buildings around you.

I have also improve building guessing for floors and ramps and Improved sprinting & jumping so now it should be even more smooth- Allow sprinting also while holding A or D, Improved sprinting in joystick controller and allow moving while jumping.

I noted some issues with joystick controller, Y axis was faster then X axis so I fixed that and now it should work better.

Many people ask me how to bind their mouse buttons so you can now find a manual which explain, click on->

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