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Tutorial: How to create a justbuild.lol game in an hour!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Hello everyone, many of you asked me to make a tutorial, and I love to teach, so let's start!

No programming background required!

Here is what you're gonna make:

click to download windows version

click to try the web version

We will make it in 4 parts:

Part 1 - Setting up a new Unity3D project with Third Person Character

Part 2 - Creating ground and ramp

Part 3 - Adding building capabilities

Part 4 - Final touches and building the game

Part 1 - Setting up a new Unity3D project with Third Person Character

First download Unity3D and register a new account (download the installer, not the unity hub):


We will use the Third Person Controller I used in justbuild,

enter the asset store, and click “Add to My Assets”:


Now open Unity and create a new project, *don’t forget to add our asset we downloaded

Now we got nothing!

Let’s start by going into the Basic Locomotion folder, and double clicking the file with the Unity icon to open the asset we downloaded

As you can see there are two windows in the left,

- the top one is the scene, you can use the scroll button on the mouse to move in the scene and zoom in and out

- the bottom one is the game (this is what the player will see)

Now click on the play button and start playing!

Click the play button again to stop (click the esc button to view the mouse if it’s hidden).


Part 2 - Creating ground and ramp

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