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Tutorial: How to create a justbuild.lol game in an hour! Part 2

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Part 1 - Setting up a new Unity3D project with Third Person Character

Part 2 - Creating ground and ramp

Part 3 - Adding building capabilities

Part 4 - Final touches and building the game

Part 2 - Creating ground and ramp

It’s easier to program when the scene is clean so delete the Hive

Let’s create ground, right click on the Hierarchy window and create a Plane

Change its name to Ground, change the layer to “Water” and set the position and scale like here:

Open the Materials bar, click on the small circle in the right, and choose “door_green”

When you click play the character won’t move, because he doesn’t know he can walk on water 😉

Let’s fix it, stop the game, choose the character, and in the Ground Layer add “Water”

Now you should be able to move when playing 😊

OK so we got a character that can move on a ground, all we need now is that he will build!

Let’s create a ramp first, stop the game, and create a Cube

Change the position, rotation, scale and material as here:

Press play and try to walk on it 😊


Part 3 - Adding building capabilities

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