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Tutorial: How to create a justbuild.lol game in an hour! Part 4

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Part 1 - Setting up a new Unity3D project with Third Person Character

Part 2 - Creating ground and ramp

Part 3 - Adding building capabilities

Part 4 - Final touches and building the game

Part 4 - Final touches and building the game

The character got some problems, he don’t strafe like in justbuild, and he is moving slow, let’s fix it,

Stop the game, choose the character in the hierarchy, and change him to “only strafe”

And change his strafe speed, 3 for walk, 4 for run, 5 for sprint looks fine to me

Now the character moving weird on our Ramps ☹

Change the step offsets to “1”, I don’t know what it does, but It worked lol

We also don’t have a crosshair, so it’s hard to know where is the center of the screen,

Right click on Canvas and create an Image

Change its width and height to “5”, and its name to CrossHair

and delete the INVECTOR image

You can also change the tiling and offset of the Ground, so the Ramps will be aligned to the ground squares

One last thing! The character is in the center, and we want him a little left,

Click on the camera, and change its “Right Offset” to 0.3,

You could also change the mouse sensitivity here if you would like (X Mouse Sensitivity, Y Mouse Sensitivity)

You did it!!!

Congratulations 😊

Now you can export the game

Click “Build And Run”

I hope you enjoyed, And share with me your cool games 😊

If you would like to continue with programming check out the tutorials that I had learned with them:



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